PSPA Officers, 2017-2018

President, John M. Urbanchuk
President Elect, Mark B. Myers, Ph.D.
1st Vice President, Carl A. Brown, Ph.D.
2nd Vice President, Bettsy Mosimann, Ph. D.
3rd Vice President, Penelope M. Hunt
Secretary, Michael H. McGrath
Assistant Secretary, Lisa Hodaei
Treasurer, Walter Wurster
Assistant Treasurer, Michael Fournier
Ralph E. Bartholomew, Secretary Emeritus


Living Past Presidents

Kevin B. Hicks
Richard M. O’Donnell
Duncan A. Allison
David M. Webster
L. Stockton Illoway
John F. Hunt
William E. Mifflin
Dr. Mark Haskins
Marilyn L. Horner
Gary A. Sojka
Michael H. McGrath
John R. Plummer
Walter B. Wurster
Page R. Gowen
P. Richard Hart
David L. Kantner
Darryl N. Biery
Earl Ainsworth
Malcolm B. Barlow
Thomas H. Ginley, Jr.

The term of office for Officers and Committee members is July 1 to June 30. For more information, including duties and standard operating procedures of PSPA Officers, click here.